Sunday, August 31, 2008

Club meeting now in session!

Note: As you read the following, please imagine that I am sitting in a director's chair.

Now that everyone is chowing down on contraband ring-dings pulled from hollow books and whatnot, let's get to our first order of business: The votes have been tabulated (BTW, I nominate Blogger for club treasurer), and our club name and colors have been determined! We are officially the Heartbreakers, and you can break out the embroidery floss and start weaving the club friendship bracelets in pink and purple.

I know, I know, it was a close race. I'm fully aware that if we ever have a falling out, some of you will start a rival club known as the Rocksies, and you will purchase extremely fashionable pink and green slouch socks.

Five of you naysayers even voted for the Rinkets just to spite me! But fortunately most of us wanted a club name that, you know, actually made sense of some kind.

Speaking of which, Brooksies came in dead last. It received a single vote, and whoever cast it, I applaud you. You are truly an individual, and I don't mean that in a Dawn Schafer kind of way. The club colors of yellow and green were also big losers, because, hi, we're not BOYS.

...Well, okay, some of us are boys, but until those of you with Y chromosomes start commenting with some regularity, it's extremely easy to pretend you're not here. La la la, la la la la.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my mom said that for the next meeting she can buy us puffy paint and we can make club T-shirts. All in favor? My design is going to be a broken heart surrounded by many double F "friends forever" symbols. You guys can copy if you want. I'm sure the shirts will come out looking super professional and store-bought, as that is the nature of puffy paint.

Also for next time: Please bring your proposals for a club code language. This business of passing notes in plain English is unacceptable!

Remember, the meeting is Tuesday after school at 3:45. See you then!

p.s. Part 4 of the Living With(out) Boys saga is forthcoming, I promise! But it will require some serious suspension of disbelief on your part. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Linley Dolby said...

Sweet! Now that I know the colors I can finally go buy my club notebook. How uncool would it have been to show up to a meeting with a green notebook when the colors are pink and purple?

Now we need pink and purple pencils with "Heartbreakers" engraved on them.

Are we a secret club? Or are we public so everyone else can be jealous?

Sada said...

I say public, but let's try to avoid blabbing it to Tom Petty.

Let me know when the pencil order comes in!

zanne said...

I used to love friendship bracelets and puffy paint tshirts! This is going to be a great club! :)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, I was the one who voted for yellow and green. All three times. And I'm a girl and damn proud of it.

carey said...

i hope that while you're sitting in your director's chair, you're also wearing a visor.

Anonymous said...

Cool I'm in a club again. Too bad for Rinkets (don't even know what that would make the club become) and pink and green. Pink and purple is fine. It matches your header.