Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Sig Saga

If you've been reading this blog, you've probably realized that I have an almost creepily good memory. And as far back as that memory goes, I have always liked (or, ahem, been utterly obsessed with) boys. For reals: My most vivid preschool memories involve a boy who used to pull up his shirt and chase the girls around bare-chested. Once he kissed me on a field trip to the fire station. Yeah, we were four. HOT.

The start of a new school year nearly always meant the beginning of a year-long one-sided love affair with some poor, unsuspecting boy in my class. Fourth grade was no different. The object of my infatuation that year had blue eyes, spiky blond hair, and an extremely German name: Sigfrid. My first fourth grade diary (yes, there are two) pretty much serves as a log for any and all interaction with Sig—which had to be examined in microscopic detail, for surely therein lay clues that could solve the mystery of whether or not he liked me back. The second diary, on the other hand, just heaps on the histrionics. Perhaps this was around the time I started watching As The World Turns with my grandma?

Check out my sweet, super inconspicuous first diary:

The first entry starts out with a bang! Or at least a dull thud:

Michael hit me with stones. I hate him! We got home [from vacation, I'm assuming]
today. Katie's number was busy. Tawana gave us a bunny mystery!

Remember when people didn't have call waiting? Dang, I feel old.

I talked to Katie today. I read a book and even though I didn't want my period - now I do. My breasts are already going.

They so were not.

I want a bra for Christmas.

I so did not get one. The closest I came to brassiere ownership was a hand-me-down spandex Wonder Woman bra-resembling undershirt that I liked to pretend was the real deal.

Katie is on vacation. I'm hating 4th grade. Who's That Girl tonite.

Please note: Fourth grade had not even started yet. Also, we saw Who's That Girl at the drive-in as part of a double feature with Can't Buy Me Love! I know. That might be too much '80s cinemagic for my brain to handle.

I had a great day except for the awful thing about Velvet.

Our neighbor's pet rabbit, Velvet, died. But on to more important things, like... SIG!

Sig definitely likes me. I thought he liked Jessica. Beep!

I think that's supposed to be a game show noise signifying an incorrect answer, not a car honking. And just why am I so sure the survey says that Sig likes me?

When Mrs. Acar asked him if he wanted to (she couldn't see him) move he said no! He was sitting next to me!

Obviously he is madly in love with me.

Show off stage. Got to call Katie.

Oh, Katie and I were definitely the collective Jane Goodall of boys with our astute observations of behaviors such as the "show off stage."

Shannon was over yesterday. Jess, Shan, and I have crushes on Sig.

I'm sure that's not going to be a problem.

Today Sig showed us the note. It's Rachel, really, she even told Katie. Sig's gonna fake her out! Anyway, I kinda like him.


I don't want my period anymore! Ty is coming over tommorow. Jess is in (I envy her) California!

Ty came over- we called Sig and he hung up! And today when Ms. G.B. asked Aja a question and Sig answered she asked him if he was Aja and he said "No, I'm Sada."

This was Exhibit A among the most compelling evidence pointing to "he likes me! he likes me!": He said my name out loud—but more importantly, UNPROMPTED—in class. I was apparently unfazed by the fact that he hung up on me when I called him later that same day.

We are doing a play called school daze
[penned by my friend Ty] and Sig is my boyfriend [in the play only, but oh, how I wished life would imitate art!]. Andy G. said Yoav liked me last week. I am just about going nuts. I really like Sig. When he was on the phone I felt all weird.

Notice the change in my tune since, uh, yesterday, when I "kinda" liked him.

Rags to Riches wasn't on so-I-'Full House'.

p.s. When Sig was moved to 4-A he asked me if I was glad.

What does it all mean??? (For the record, I was definitely not glad.)

Yesterday Nate J. was telling everybody about the chair incident.

That would be when he pulled my chair out from under me as I was sitting down, causing me to fall flat on my ass.

I know Sig was gonna laugh and he looked at me and then he said "We used to do that all the time in kindergarten."

I truly, truly believed he was defending my honor with that comment.

I wish he would just come out and say it. Yoav might like Katie. We're gonna ask Sig who he likes at lunch tomorrow.

p.s. I still like him a little.

Sig just makes me mad. The other day in gym people were telling him to throw the ball to me. (I can't catch it)

Sad, but true.

He looked at me and threw it to someone else. Good. I got moved to Mrs. Turners room and I sit one seat away from him! By the way no one sits in the seat between us.

Yes, clearly I have no feelings for him anymore.

Ty hurt her foot and hates Yoav now! Unbeliveable! She sits near Sig in homeroom! Good.

Ty likes Sig now. I like him a lot again.

You don't say!

When we were coming up from chorus he asked me if I was gonna be anyone in 'Cinderella'. He said it in a real sweet tone.

What is "sweet" about asking someone if they're going to be in the school play? It was probably more along the lines of "mundane."

When I said I was gonna stay he agreed with me.
He sat near me in S.S. Our band's name is Girls will be Girls.

More about my illustrious musical career in the next blog entry. Pinkie swear!

P.S. I went to the circus and Kingdom on ice with Katie. Yoav likes her. Mike loves Jess. I think about a skateboard gang.

I had some sort of ongoing fantasy in which my friends and our respective crushes were part of a skateboard gang. The details are fuzzy, but it definitely involved us tooling around town, looking cool, completely cool, via skateboard.

My other main fantasy was that there would be a raging blizzard or other weather-related disaster that would kick into high gear at the exact moment that Sig and his mom happened to be driving past my house. As such, they'd be forced to pull over and seek refuge with us for days on end until the roads were safe again.

Yeah. Me learning how to skateboard was more realistic.

I caught Sig looking at me 2 times. He was smiling. Jessica, Katie, and I admitted we all like him. UNBELIEVABLE. We (the 3 of us) have a band called the Go-go's.

I love how the band name has changed since the last entry. And that we were so lazy we resorted to stealing the name of a super popular band already in existence. Belinda Carlisle would have sued our 10-year-old asses.

Sig called Fatso
[erm, my sister—sorry, Genie!] back today. He was gonna hang up, but, he stayed on to talk to me! Jess and I are getting papers to mark down when he looks at us. We'll show them to him at the end of the year.

We did tally all of the lustful (er, coincidental?) glances, but THANK GOD we thought better of turning the papers over to him at the year's end.

Now only Jess and I have crushes on him. We
Sig! Especially me. His # 555-9738.

Because knowing his phone number definitely proves that my love is superior to Jessica's.

With the next entry, I switched from my TOP SECRET notebook to a real diary with a lock and everything.

I also decided that I needed to step up the drama. Like, a LOT.

June 24, 1988
Thank you, Aja, for this diary. A real one! Today was my birthday. Fun. Well, Jessica and I really did it. We told Sig we liked him
[in] the letter and (I) mailed [it]. Now he knows.

Why in God's name did I think this was a good idea? Jessica, although one of my best friends, was also the "hot girl" in the fourth grade (....and before the fourth grade ...and after) and I was... well, you've seen the seventh grade photo. I can't remember who came up with the plan, but we decided to write him a letter telling him that we both liked him and asking him which one of us he liked back. Brilliant.

I seriously want to go with him. Jess is pretty confident he'll go with her. She's probably right. The boys would practically stand in line to go with her. I wish for once it could be different!

June 25
Thank you, Katie, for having faith in me. You think Sig'll go with me. Well, Katie, I'm trying to think positive. I fantasize all the time
[...about skateboard gangs and serendipitous blizzards]. It's natural.

Thanks, Judy Blume, for assuring me of that.

I think about him all of the time. I can't stop. It's so hard to keep a secret from everybody. Lie. That's all I do anymore. I can't face the truth. I'm scared of the truth. I'm always putting on a big act for not being an actress! I pretend to hate Sig, when the truth is I love him.

The HELL? It's like I started writing the screenplay for A Few Good Men. Exactly who did I think I was fooling???

June 26
There's not too much to say about today, except two words: cold, boring. Of course, I thought of Sig, but that's something I always do anyway. I keep hoping he'll write back soon. I'm almost sure he got his letter. I need him!

Oy vey.

I can't believe I might actually live on his street.

I did end up moving onto his street, about a block or so away, during fifth grade. My friend Katie conveniently lived about a block from him in the other direction. Believe you me, this led to many, many walks to and from our houses during which my shoelace would "accidentally" become "untied," forcing me to stop in front of Sig's house for extended periods of time. Often when my shoes did not even have laces.

It's time to face the truth, so here goes nothing: I LOVE SIG!

July 5
Well, he got the letter, wrote back, and we wrote him back.

To his credit, Sig wrote back and said he liked both of us and couldn't decide who he liked better. I know! I kind of still can't believe it! We must have scared the living crap out of him.

I said I NEED TO KNOW [that's a direct quote from my follow-up letter] who he likes better. Well, he didn't write back so, we couldn't wait. We called him. He wrote back. We just didn't recieve the letter yet. He can't decide. I feel like I'm trapped inside a crazy soap opera.

Degrassi Elementary?

I'm trying to get him to decide. We, the 3 of us, might go to a movie.

Because a group date was surely the answer to this problem! But don't worry, because like the best-laid of fourth grade plans, it never happened.

I think my "trying to get him to decide" strategy was to write Sig info-packed letters that would help him get to know me—and therefore loooooove me—better. The letters were typically about my vacation and/or attendance at Indians baseball games, and often included lists of my vital statistics and assorted favorite things (e.g., favorite animal: rabbit), all typed up on heart-shaped stationery. Fortunately, most of them never made it to the mailbox.

I somehow suffered through the long, indecisive summer and entered fifth grade. But because my love for Sig was like an eternal flame (or at least a three-year flame, which is pretty much an eternity at that age), there is way more melodrama where this came from. We'll get to it in due time, I swear. The saga is far from over.

NEXT TIME: As promised, my side career as a singer/songwriter. That means angst-ridden lyrics and more fourth grade band names than you can shake a stick at!


carey said...

i also read margaret right before fourth grade and spent the next two years convinced that my period would start AT ANY MINUTE. by sixth grade, i switched to being convinced that it would NEVER START, and i would be a baby FOREVERRRRRR.

i'm looking forward to hearing more about your illustrious musical career! not to mention the skateboard gang!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

You are bringing back so many memories of unrequited love. My diary entries were so similar to yours its not funny! Every single little moment analysed like crazy :) and I so know the suckitude of having a stunning best friend.

Nancy said...

Oh god, I had that blizzard fantasy all the time- and I live in England, where it doesn't even snow, let alone blizzard.

When young 'Freddie' visited my next door neighbour after school, I spent the whole evening nonchalantly in the garden peeking over the fence to see if he would come out.

Freddie eventually let me down by explaining, quite sweetly, that I was simply too tall to kiss.


Anonymous said...

I think this may be my favorite entry so far, partially because it is so cringe-worthy. I too liked the same guy (Don!) from 3rd through 5th grade. The reason I started liking him? Because he had the same first name as my favorite baseball player! My best friend and I definitely rode scooters past his house.

Nancy said...

You know its depressing- after reading all this angst, and seeing that basically we all have similar stories to tell, I asked my next door neighbour who I grew up with (male, same age) about how he felt about girls at that time... he said he felt nothing. He said he thought girls were lame (especially me) and that he would rather ride his bike. He said the only thing he obsessed about was how many kick-ups he could do with his football.

Why did we spend so much wasted effort on what were clearly lost causes? God. We really were lame.

Katie Potatie McGinnty said...

I love this...oh what memories it brings back for me. I had a diary with snoopy on it and he was holding a sign that read "Top Secret" also had a lock(wow).. I remember thinking that just in case someone broke the lock to read it I was covered because I only used peoples initials in my one would be able to figure it out, no one...yeah ok, well no one wanted to... usually a brother or sister would do the job of being nosy but since Keller could not have cared less I was out of luck. Aww poor me

zanne said...

That is cute. I was never good at keeping diaries. I wanted one, but I'd only write in it for a couple days and then forget all about it.

Anonymous said...

Funniest. Entry. Yet.

Oh the drama! I only wish my fourth-grade year had so much going for it. And three years? Oh, man, I feel you.

Sada said...

I actually wanted to up the embarrassment factor by tracking Sig down and asking for his side of the story. Unfortunately, our mutual friend (yes, Jessica!) didn't have his e-mail address anymore, and I refuse to join LinkedIn for the sole purpose of writing to Sig about my fourth grade diary.

Publishing this, however, has felt surprisingly therapeutic. I can't tell you how relieved I am to find I wasn't the only one with fantasies about natural disasters leading to romance.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, not only did I have endless visions of *boy liking me!!!* *boy kissing me!*, the scenarios even had soundtracks! Mainly I remember Tiffany's "I think we're alone now" in heavy rotation, but I think there were other songs too :)

And I was wondering if you should look Sig up. No luck on facebook?

Sada said...

Ooooh, fantasy soundtracks! "I'll Be There For You" by Bon Jovi was totally on mine.

Unfortunately, Sig seems to be one of those people who shun social networking sites. His unusual name makes him an easy Google, but I can't seem to find an e-mail address.

...And now I just sound like a stalker.

Cory said...

I can't believe I didn't tell you this the first time I read this entry. I had a similar experience as you when I was four and in pre-school (no, I didn't lift my shirt up and chase girls). There was this girl, Jessica, who used to pin me down behind this little carousel thing in the class room and kiss me repeatedly. Naturally, I thought all girls were gross at the time, and so I told on her, though my teacher basically said, "Deal with it yourself." The kissing (and an incident involving attempted kidnapping) continued for the entire year.

Also, I, too, liked someone for three years around the same age (third through fifth grade), and I, too, wrote melodramatic diary entries (well, I called them "journal entries," since I thought diaries were for girls). I never wrote notes and stuff though.

Unfortunately, my crush, upon learning of my infatuation, went a different route than Sig and just ignored me for a couple of weeks. So, yeah, I guess you were lucky.

Whitters said...

i know this is old BUT, i too wrote a letter to my crush when i was 12. i covered it in lipgloss kisses. he never wrote back. shocking. i know.

Sada said...

Whitters: Sig may be the only boy in existence to have responded to a fourth grade love note. (I should research this.) But if lip gloss kisses won't reel them in, WHAT WILL?

Also, this post is so old that there's a follow-up post! If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here.